Depicting Real People Can Lead to Real Problems

Imagining and developing new and compelling characters is often at the heart of a creator’s work, whether in comics, video games, toys, or stories. Occasionally, real people can serve as inspiration for a character. A creator may wish to parody, lampoon, or make a social or political comment by referring to a celebrity, politician, or […]

California revamps law on autographed collectibles

In late 2016, the California legislature passed a new law expanding existing regulations on the autographed sports memorabilia market which had, suffice it to say, unintended consequences. The law went into effect on January 1, 2017 and placed significant restrictions on dealers selling any and all autographed items – including comic books – for more […]

Coming to Terms

One of the most basic questions that creators ask about copyright is “How long does it last?” Unfortunately, there are a number of correct answers to that question, depending on when the work was created, when it was first published, and whether certain formalities were followed under past versions of the copyright statute. Let’s start […]

‘Tis the Season

Con season, that is. We were thrilled to meet friends both old and new at HEROES in Charlotte, NC in mid-June. Organizer Shelton Drum of Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find does a fantastic job putting together a convention featuring creators of all stripes, resulting in an atmosphere of camaraderie and dedication to the fans of […]